Who’s got two thumbs and OWNED an interview today?!



Yep, it went great. She was instantly impressed with my preparation as I referred to my 6 pages of notes.

I was able to give her a good layman’s dissection of what her company does and who the competitors were. It is in a similar yet different industry than my last company.

I had a full page of questions and she took note of that too.

There was one potential negative: she said that the position I’m interviewing for is similar to my second to last one,  so I’m a bit removed chronologically.  But my most recent position gives me a unique insight that would help in the position I’m interviewing for, I think.

I think said did that in the interview too, but I reiterated it in the Thank You letter to be sure.

Maybe because it’s a start up, it felt a little casual. I did have slacks/button down/blazer on, but it was very conversational, which is where I thrive, though I feel I still kept it business-like.

It’s early in the process.  We’ll see how ot goes.


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