The Douchebag Coincidence

So as GRex loyalists will know, I issued this opus just the other day:
Douchebag is the Perfect Insult

Just the next day, my cousin “Nunzio,” out of NOWHERE,  told me that he had an idea for a social networking thing,  called “DOUCHEBAG”.

Ok ok we ARE related, but come on.


  1. The D word is popular the world over… even here in deepest, darkest Africa. Went into my 18yr old son’s room to moan at him about something – he was playing computer games and had his earphones on so he took them off to listen to my rant. As i walked out he put them back on and obviously this friend online asked him what had happened. He, forgetting that I could hear him, said… ” My mom is being a douche bag” I kept on walking and laughed…

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