The El Capitan “Free Climbers”

I’m sure you know that two climbers have been free climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan for the past three weeks and should hit summit tonight.

It’s quite impressive.

Or is it?

They have ropes bringing along supplies, even sleeping bags, so they can dwell mountainside for that long. Boo. Hoo. It’s like the Radisson Yosemite.

AND, I know they don’t use ropes to help them climb UP, but they still have ropes to protect them so they don’t fall DOWN.

Not quite “free climbing,” is it?

Unimpressed : )

This guy, however, is a stallion.


Ok ok I have work to do before I’m at their level.  Maybe a few months ; )


  1. Be careful who you kick on the way up, Rex … They might have their feet out on your way down. That’s the old saying, anyway. Me, I’m not a climber of any note, literally or figuratively, disappointingly.

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