Looks like I have some American traveling to do


If driving through-only doesn’t count then remove New Mexico, West Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware and Maryland


68 thoughts on “Looks like I have some American traveling to do

      1. Ew! Milk scares me. I’ve only ever been to a farm once even though one of my best friend’s family farms and now he runs the Grain elevator. Odd, since it is almost all farming or oil out here.

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      2. On this end of things, oil production has always been a boom or bust cycle. I am not in oil related jobs but I did not mind filling my car up for $20 this week, for as much driving as I do to get back and forth to work and to get Owen back and forth to his dad, the lower oil prices are helping me out right now.

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      3. If you live close enough to where the fun/your job is… absolutely. I didn’t have a car for 12 years living in Queens and brookyn closer to the city. And Manhattan residents. Some do, most don’t own cars of course


  1. I have only traveled to to about half of the states (not counting airports or other brief stops) so I too have a lot of traveling to do.

    If you go to Michigan – I would recommend Mackinac Island in the Summer, plus visiting Frankenmuth and Bronner’s Christmas store. The Ford Museum is also a wonderful day trip.

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  2. Oi vey.

    West Virginia.

    Cross it off the list. There’s Nada. Zilch.

    And unless you own ugh boots and started breeding super young then you’re going to feel out of place… Listen to the voice of experience.


      1. Yeah I was really impressed with the rivers too. And all those bridges. So many bloody bridges! We have 1 and our harbour is huge.

        But it’s a constant stop on my stateside visits now. Family before fun as they say 🙂


      2. Oh that sounds awesome!

        I was at the museum last night actually. For their circus exhibition. Lots of rides and fun things to play with. I approved 🙂

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