Is there a limit to number if blogs one can follow? I can’t follow any more


50 thoughts on “Is there a limit to number if blogs one can follow? I can’t follow any more

    1. I expect you got “flagged”. If you commented or showed any support for OM, that may be just what has happened. I’m waiting for mine as well. I’m not very active in my blogging, but I read them and have found many new ones that I love and have made some great connections because of him!! Good luck to all of you!

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      1. WordPress is allegedly shutting his blog down because it resembles spam. Admittedly I only skimmed over all of his posts regarding it but that was the jist of it.

        So it kinda relates to you in the sense of high viewership, interaction with your followers and how it can potentially be perceived as spam.

        One thing in your favor is that your blogging is a bit more focused than OM’s, so that may be a major factor.

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      2. Sorry, I just assumed that maybe you had commented on something about all of this junk going around about him. I know that they are cracking down on a lot of the people who are standing behind him. I did read in that forum thread that it stems from complaints, when someone complains about a blogger “mass following” or whatever, that’s when they step in. I don’t know what has happened with your blog, but I hope it gets resolved soon!

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    1. I completely agree! I’m not a big blogger like OM, but I have a huge audience (for me) and I believe I owe it all to him following me. More people saw me because of my relationship with him on here. I am very sad to see him go and have lowered my opinion of WP. My guess is that his haters got together and registered a lot of complaints, forcing them to shut him down. Stupid, esp since he actually pays for his site! If you don’t like what you see, don’t read it! Seems simply enough, but I guess being and acting like an adult is not a requirement here!

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      1. Tim tams are wonderful. You will never want another type of biscuit/cookie ever again after tasting one! Greatest aussie food invention 🙂


      1. I would argue what you are seeing is poor management of WordPress. They are mass suspending people with NO warning and I just paid my premium fee to “reup” my domain. The issue is I do nothing different from what I have always done. No warning for any of us. This is actually more than just an annoyance. This is complete bullshit and stealing of my money. I would have never paid my dues for this year had I known they would do this.

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      2. One more question. I follow a lot of blogs (which is why I got flagged I guess) is there a way to set preferences on the reader of who to see or is it just a waterfall of all blogs?


  1. It looks to me as if they put in place a spambot that automatically shuts down anyone who follows more than a set number of blogs in a set amount of time. (“they” are not stating what the number is or what the time limit is). It’s kind of a silly thing to tag as spam because following and liking are not true spam activities in that the only gain is “shameless promotion of your blog”. Following has no adverse affect on the ones being followed who can easily block you if they find it annoying. I don’t get why WordPress is taking a harsh stance on it but I suspect a small clique of “emotional nasties” have started flagging blogs they personally detest as a means of “revenge” and are using trigger words like “spam” as a means of legitimizing their revenge game. I think it will backfire on them in time. WordPress execs don’t seem the type to allow themselves to be manipulated for long.


  2. I hope they get you back up and running at full power, Rex.

    Jason (OM) is justifiably steamed about his suspension. He’s never one to pull any punches. He was one of the first ones to follow me when I started my blog almost two years ago, so I of course followed back and became intrigued by his passion. He still answers my comments when I see fit to add my two cents to a post of his, and he’ll pop over to my place and comment if he finds one of my stories compelling, too. I don’t think that’s a spammer, you know? It’s just the opposite. WordPress needs that type of commitment to the craft, a full-time worker to feed his family who blogs because of a fire in his belly.

    Here’s a link to a blogger who cares enough about OM that she started a comment section petition to WordPress in his support.

    My tip about bypassing the Reader overload entirely, by the way, is to email subscribe. You can do that on your “manage” click on the reader. It allows you to pick instant, daily or weekly, and WordPress will send you email notifications when those blogs you follow post. I find it easier to go to my WordPress-dedicated email address and pick the blog posts I want to read from there than wading through the Reader. It’s easy to delete the posts that don’t interest me that day for some reason or another.

    Here’s the way I’ve let my following habits evolve, too, if you care. When somebody follows me, or if frequent comments on somebody else’s blog catch my eye, I click on their blog to see what’s up, and if there’s interest, I follow back or follow. No scatter-shot. Have a good Thursday. Onward we march.

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      1. I think some of us would, anyway, Rex, particularly those of us who grew up reading the Daily News and Newsday and the Times and the Post and all the columnists and writers with the huge followings. That’s an assumption of mine, anyway.

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  3. I think it’s pretty funny how OM saw this post! How did he possibly do that if he only mass follows for the attention. Guess maybe he does read some of the blogs he follows, huh? Sorry, just my opinion, rant over…

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