“How may I help you… after I send update my FB status?

Every time I walk into my gym,  the people behind the counter are buried in their phone doing something. 

Come on!  I know we’re all connected these days, and it’s a boring job but in a customer service role like that it just doesn’t look right.

People have actually spoken to me,  answering a question,  without even FUCKING LOOKING AT ME!!

I’d like to think that maybe I catch them at the infrequent times that they do that at their jobs,  but it’s all the freakin time!

Ugh. We’re so needy for simulation at all times.

And yes, I know, when I point at someone, there are three more fingers pointing back.



Ok, I am not without sin so I can’t throw any stones… but I can blog about it and hopefully I’ll put this thing down more often.

And… I don’t work in customer service… so take THAT!


  1. A pet peeve. I worked in customer service, at a business hotel front desk. If a guest walked in talking into his headset and slapped his credit card at me (this happened a lot),I’d go into slow motion until I got his attention. (Sorry, it was usually “his”). Somehow, without warning, there was a problem with his check in. His room was not ready, my system was down, etc. I would make up a reason for him to disconnect. My small revenge. And it worked. ☺

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