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Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony” and its Additional Lines

I’ve been wanting to post this for a while:

Ok,  I’m a child of the 80’s. And yes I love Billy Idol.

Ok, ok… love is a strong word… I like his music a lot. (Ok ok I sang White Wedding at karaoke on NYE.)

In 1981 he covered Tommy James’ song “Mony, Mony”. It didn’t get great acceptance but in 1987 he recorded a live version that really took off.  It’s a fun song. You may know it but take a listen anyway:

Anyway,  it became a very popular song to play at parties, bars and clubs, sweet sixteens, proms, weddings, you name it. There it was. From the 80s into the 90s.

The first verse goes:
Here she comes now,  sayin Mony Mony.
Shoot em down,  come around,  come on Mony
Hey she give me love and I feel ask right now

Enter… a cultural phenomenon:
in between each line of each verse, there were eight beats of just music, and we all screamed “HEY… GET LAID GET FUCKED!!!”

It was generally known and accepted that that’s how the crowd participates to the song. Nobody knew how it happened, we can’t name any movie that popularized it, it just happened.

As the years went on I realized that some people did it a little differently like “HEY SAY WHAT… GET LAID GET FUCKED!!!” or ” “HEY, MOTHERFUCKER… GET LAID GET FUCKED!!!”

But everyone had the crux of it all the same.

Eventually even Billy found out and started doing it in his shows.

Now, in anticipation of this post I did some research (ok, I Googled and I read one article. See the link below.) The author did more work on this. Turns out this has been looked into for a long time.

Though the lyrics changed a bit  regionally,  it existed.  And yet,  It remains a musical mystery. There are rumors and theories but… NOBODY KNOWS HOW IT STARTED. 

Does anybody reading this remember this? And is it still played at parties?


42 thoughts on “Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony” and its Additional Lines

    1. Yep. We yelled say say what what get laid get fu*ked!! I’m over 50 and still dong it that wsy5, along with adding fuck that bull shit during the chorus.

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    1. I heard that chant at the wild rose while I was working in Hays. I was a little drunk at the time but thought there was a little more to it. Is there, or do y’all just repeat that?

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  1. I own Music Monkey Productions in Twin Falls, Idaho. We played Mony Mony less than a month ago and the crowd was chanting! (Full disclosure: I might have started it!) 🙂

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  2. I remember when he came to New Zealand
    Live on stage he started to sing this song then stopped with a confused look when the audience screamed out. Hay mother fuc….

    He did and extra hour on stage in oncores was epic

    I still have the ticket with his autograph was lucky we invited back stage. Awesome dude

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  3. Coming late to this post but just found it. Told my teen daughter about this…she didnt beleive it.
    She couldnt fathom her old man, im 52 now, was ever a young hip, jumping up and down at concerts and bar hopping with fake ID at 16 yrs old.
    I had quite the Adam Ant look going on for a while… “Class of ’83!”
    Anyway…we would screem, “Hey! GET DRUNK, GET HIGH, GET FUCKED!”

    Fun fun! Thanks for the post and proof to my story for my disbelieving spawn! Hah

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