Douchebag is the Perfect Insult

Ok, every now and then, people piss us off, and we have to express that- either to their faces, or behind their backs… oh it’s coming out of your mouth.

“Dick!” “Bitch!” “Asshole!” “Cunt!” “Cocksucker!” “Shithead!” etc.

Yeah that’s right! BOOM! In your face! I called you a bad word!

Most of those are banned from network tv, although lately I’m hearing more and more depending on the program,  network and time.

However, one insult has gotten under in the radar:

Douchebag. And of course,  it’s derivative, douche, but I’m going to talk about the original.

Of course those have actual definitions. But as insults, it’s PERFECT

I’ve spent some time on this, and I can at that: Douchebag=asshole+classless+cheesy rolled into one, concise, television-network-approved word.

Even back in the late 70’s it was on an SNL sketch, though not used as an insult:

Lord and Lady Douchebag:

Everyone 45 or younger says it these days. Often. It’s not a Baby Boomer word, but it’s all over Generation X and Millenials. So that means my entire life will be rife with hearing (and making) “douchebag” references. That’s pretty fucking cool. I think 70 & 80 year olds using douchebag may just be incredible.

Bow down before the Perfect Insult!


  1. I say douchebag way too often. I had an ex that used “douche pie” which doesn’t really make much sense but it had a certain ring to it. My brother in law is fond of “douche nozzle.”

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