The Man Hug / Bro Pat

I met up with some friends last night.  Friends I made at my last job. I see them now every 6 weeks/2 months or so. Abs we do Fantasy Football together.

“Jack,” my friend then boss then friend again, was at the bar, I pushed his back a bit.  He turned around, saw it was me and by instinct, opened his arms up for a hug.

Ok not really a “hug” hug, not a full embrace, but the common pull towards each other, wrap the right hand around the man and give the standard three “bro pats” on his back, as he simultaneously does the same.

I exchanged the same with one other guy last night, “TK.”

This is common amongst friends.

Actually, the friends I grew up with started doing that in our early 20’s. Back then there was a mafia influence to our neighborhood. All the gangsters hugged. So we did. Come to think of it, that was a full hug too. No Bro Pat. Sometimes it was full on viking-like. Yeah we can’t stop calling each other, “bro.”

“Ay, Petey. How you doin?” Hug, kiss.
20 years later, that group of friends still does that. Love those guys.

Where was I? Oh yeah,  last night.

I hadn’t really noticed before but last night I realized that I’m at the Bro Pat stage with these guys I know through work. We’re at that stage.

Pretty cool.

Jack, however, still makes a better chili than mine, the prick. Every good man should know how to make chili.



  1. Looks yummy. I don’t really do the bro hug thing bein’ a gal and all but it is kinda cute. Ooops did she say cute? hee hee yes, indeed she did


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