Thank you for your support (when I’m drinking)

Wrote this Thursday night:

Ok i had about 4 glasses of wine tonight.  I’m weighing on at 170 lbs these days if that. And didn’t eat a big dinner. So I’m feeling good

So I was at the Union Square station in NYC. I heard my subway train arriving. I really wanted to catch it and get home, so I started chugging down the stairs.

Then all of a sudden, I lost my footing. Time went really slowly.  But…

I was going down.

But I saw a man’s hand… and grabbed it and thankfully he knew what was happening and put some resistance into it. With one hand on the railing and another holding his, it held me up enough as gravity took is toll. My legs went out but my torso never hit the ground.

Embarrassed, I didn’t turn to him but said “thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

Then blink he was gone.

Thanks bud.


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