30 Minutes is too long to walk in 19 degrees F, otherwise a solid second date

So I had date number two tonight with the latest woman.  We went to a bar,  had dinner, drinks and watched the Ravens/Patriots game. She’s a big Patriots fan, so let’s call her “Pat.”

Yeah she’s into football. Yeah,  that rocks.  The Pats won, damn them and after dinner we took the date to another local bar,  more loungy and cool,  less pub-y, and proceeded to have a few more drinks and we watched the Seahawks/Panthers.

Some light kissing and hand holding followed.  Along with plan-making for next week.

Walked Pat back to her place, the kiss was quick because it was 19 FUCKING DEGREES OUT. Then a 15 minute walk home! Talk about freezing my balls off.

But yeah,  she now trusts that I’m not a crazy man now and will come to my apt or have me over.



  1. The natural progression sound awesome, Rex. The Jets-Patriots factor will make for interesting weekends if you make it to next fooball season. I’m a Jets fan, too. I think we’re waiting for Seattle DC to become available.

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