Too Soon for the Date at My Place

So when last we saw our hero he had a date on Thursday Jan 1 at a restaurant with a woman from his neighborhood.

Ok great.  Went well, got a little goodbye kissing on New Year’s Day.

And date #2 was scheduled for Saturday, tomorrow. I suggested her coming over my place and we’d cook some homemade pasta.

Yes, her coming here on date #2 was a bold request,  but fuck it,  I’ll try. Her response?

“Sounds fun well that or we can go out for dinner..less…”

Ohhhhhhhkay. I didn’t want to press it but it sounded like “I’d prefer to not be in private with you yet but I guess.” But that was my take.  I really didn’t know for sure.

Until yesterday when this text came in:

“I know we have plans for Saturday and I was wondering if you would be ok with going out instead of your place..what r your thoughts?”

Well ok. There you go. Look at my instincts. I was right.

Soooooo… We’re going to a bar,  have dinner and watch football.  Her suggestion (and I adore her for it.)

We’ll see how this goes.


  1. This is a critical point, the tide is teetering for you but you have to execute correctly. The play is fun date but you be the one to end it early on your terms like you have something to do the next day. Boom power
    Is back in your hands. She questions herself and has a fifty fifty chance on staying in on date three. Or buy lots of booze at the restaurant and act interested. I’m rambling I don’t even remember dating. Thanks for taking me back in the day, that was nice of you.

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  2. Some girls believe that with a meal at their place has to come “dessert”. She sounds like she’s willing to go out with you just not wanting to move too quickly and/or give you the impression she is in it for fun. X

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  3. Henry suggests this: take her to a resturant. Wait in the waiting area, ask for a take-away, turn on her and smile in a really creepy fashion and say “dinner at mine it is then. You bring the desert. Then wink. Then creepy smile again. Then insinuate that she leave the resturant in front of you. Then follow. Take-away food in hand.
    I think you can handle the rest, yeah?

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  4. Married Mark suggests: Go to the date, have fun, see if you still like each other. Do NOT turn it into a game of who has power. Her instincts are good so far, your instincts are good so far, you’re both coming from a place that you trust. Keep on that track and it will or won’t work out mutually, you know?

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