I’m awesome. Hire me!

In Ok, time to BRING IT aka No more “what day is today?” I mentioned that I had two interviews at the same company last Tuesday.

I heard back from their HR guy today, that the hiring managers are NOT proceeding with me as a candidate.


At this point,  I might have interviewed with seventeen companies in this recent job search.

This one hurt for some reason. Maybe it’s the new year, maybe it’s… whatever.

Ok,  I learned long ago that part of being a man has to do with learning how to deal with rejection (I think that’s important for being alive in general,  but ok.)

I’ve had some time to reflect and absorb. The only thing that I see there is to do is…

Double down. Fuck you.  I’m awesome.  Here’s why.  Hire me. It’s pretty simple.

Tonight I hung with some people that I knew professionally.  They’re all aboard in support of Team GRex.

Time to have a great weekend… and make NEXT week MINE.


  1. Been there. I’ve had interviews where they practically gave me the job at the end of the interview and then…nada. Disappointing but def. lights a fire under you. Keep going mate. 😉


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