“Friend” vs “Friendly Coworker”

Ok, I caught a lot of crap at my last job for holding this line. I’m a friendly fellow with many at a job, but I don’t consider everybody coworker that I’m friendly with “a friend.”

I don’t knight people “friend” all willy nilly. It’s an exclusive club.

(And “Facebook friend” does not make is real friends either.)

To me, a friend is somebody with whom you go out of you way to hang.

For example,  a then-colleague “Jimmy” made plans to go to a Jets game on a Sunday.

A then-colleague “Jack” one day texted me to see his band and I left my apartment and saw them.

In both cases- Boom. Friends.

By nature, a coworker/colleague does not fall into this bucket, since we’re in the office for other reasons.

“Ok GRex, what if we go out to lunch or drinks/dinner after work?”

Well, if we’re all leaving from work then it’s not completely separate from work,  especially if we’re returning there after lunch. There must be some separation and independent desire to reconnect.

At one point, Jack became my boss, at which point we ceased being friends.  Friends cannot be in control of other friend’s paychecks.

That’s pretty much how it is, and I think everyone will agree that my reasoning is sound,  no?


  1. Jack, your boss now is still your friend, although the dynamic has changed a bit. In fact, it all depends on him if he wants to remain as friend. At best, things will be awkward for both of you.

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  2. Well it’s completely true. Friends at work places arn’t really friends. There is always one of the silly office politics game is going on around everywhere. In face I have seen many friendships turn into rivalries when both worked at the same office. No wonder your boss isn’t a ‘friend’ anymore.

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  3. It is very tough to be a supervisor and maintain a friendship out of work. I have never been able to successfully navigate those rough waters!


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