No More Bagels (and Back Into Shape)

So in “When you come for Christmas… BRING BAGELS!!!” I mentioned that I was bringing 4 dozen bagels to Ohio for Christmas.  Well, in December I decided to start eating them too. Like 5 a week.

Carb lovin indeed.

But… that took my fitness back a bit.

In 2014, I managed my diet somewhat and was actually able to see abs. Hints of abs, but getting there.

I also worked out a bunch. And ran a mile four times every week. I think I’m on the right track since the lady friend I was with on New Year’s liked grabbing my arms,  rubbing my chest and even bit my chest once. (But yeah,  nothing else happened.  Convoluted background.)

So 2014 was a good year for fitness but 2015 will be adding muscle size and lean-ness.

Goodbye bagels and pizza.  Hello, eggs (on nothing) and protein shakes.


  1. Bagel overdose eh? Our bodies need that wonderful little thing called balance in order to function at top capacity. Try to have fun while reclaiming your balance.

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  2. In September 2014 I ate no bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes and worked out three times per week and I saw a HUGE difference – before/afters here:

    but since then I’ve had people visiting, vacations, thanksgiving, christmas, new years, and I’ve just been shoving down pizza and cupcakes and donuts and I gained 5 pounds. Definitely going to go back to a somewhat Paleo diet in 2015!

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  3. Carb free diet?! Hell no….you trying to tell an Asian he cannot have rice?! What is that, a white man’s scheme to bring my ethnicity down?!?


    Just kidding. I personally feel “diets” set us up for failure. I eat what I want but practice moderation and portion control, plus exercising at least 3-days p/week.

    Why live longer if you cannot enjoy life presently?!?


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