Ok, time to BRING IT aka No more “what day is today?”

I’ve been unemployed since August.  It’s been. .. interesting.

Money?  After my severance ended,  ice been on unemployment from the government,  and having to do into my savings.  I have plenty but i need that for down payment for a place of my own.

Villa Rex needs to be established.

I’ve interviewed a bunch,  maybe 15 companies. Maybe 5 have called me in for second interviews. I’ve even gotten to the final round with one company but didn’t get the job.

I’ve been interviewing right up to the week before Christmas. I’ve even scheduled a second interview with a company that’s


Yeah, unemployment has gotten played out. I found myself saying the motto of a retired person: “what day is today?”

That can’t happen, not for another 25 years. I’ve got plans. They include a thriving career.

Bring on the new year, looking forward to taking the next step of my career with full force.

So tonight, I’m studying the company I’m interviewing with tomorrow.  Again.

And my intention is to do great BLOW THEM THE FUCK AWAY

This is getting CLOSED!



  1. I bet you will be fully employed in no time, new year, new beginnings ! Villa Rex NEEDS to become a reality! keep that in mind and you will succeed


  2. I commend you on actively looking and not getting too disillusioned. It can be tough but persistence pays off and success is all that much sweeter!

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