“I’m more of a texter…”

People don’t write much on their Tinder profiles.  Somehow people don’t write anything at all, letting their pictures speak for themselves.

Tinder is basically a picture-judge after all.

I saw on a woman’s profile that she said that she’s more of a texter,  doesn’t speak on the phone much.

Yes, I know texting is current and VEEEERY convenient but




I want to get to know a woman even just a little before we go out… and face it, texting does NOT convey personality,  tone, attitude. It’s not a conversation.  How am I going to get to know if I want to take someone out on a date if I don’t speak to her at least once?

Let’s stop this short-attention-span, guarded-intimacy, too-busy drama.

Put the “Phone” back in “iPhone” (I’m still working on my Android colloquialism.)

Swipe left!

Or… am I just too old for how things are done nowadays?


  1. No, not too old at all, I LOVE when a guy asks if he can call me! And I completely agree, you learn so much about someone just from that phone call. If she’s stuck on ‘just texting’ she’s not a keeper……..

    How was NYE???

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    • No keeper, indeed.

      NYE was good. I wad with a friend whom I’ve had… relations with, she wad in from our of town, but we’re friends now do I did karaoke with her and her friend. Nothing happened, but still very flirty. She’s very touchy feely with me, grabbing my biceps, rubbing my chest, even bit my pec once. I guess my working out is working. perhaps if the friend wasnt there there would be some shmecken.

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  2. She was nicer than I was….I once told a man I was going to go out with not to call me with “I have five people I will speak to on the phone…you are not one of them, don’t call me.” Totally true, I hate talking on the phone. Granted, that one bit me in the ass because once I did go out with him I noticed he said “and errrything” (and everything) after every phrase he said. “I like to play football and errrything, with my brother and errrything, cuz I like it and errrything.” If I had made an exception to my no phone call policy, I would have noticed that and saved myself a horrible first date!


  3. Texting is more convenient for me because of my busy schedule. It allows me to answer when I can without the pressure of keeping up my end of a phone conversation. However, I agree that it’s no replacement for a good conversation whether in person or by phone. I love to hear the voice of my internet friends whenever I can even if I have no intention whatsoever of dating them. I admit I’m a lot like dl513(above) in that I am thrilled when one of my net friends wants to chat by phone.

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  4. I like texting for quick easy stuff like what time are we meeting again….can’t talk I’m in a meeting. But texting in no way replaces getting to know someone by talking to them on the phone.! There is no substitute. Besides maybe face to face.

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  5. Speaking is always so much better… texting seems a tad juvenile to me anyways. Too many camos. We are not awkward teenagers but adults(at least physically), why the heck should texting take the place of real time communication? I am very suspicious of a man who texts too much to be honest. Especially when trying to get to know me. I just blank if that seems to be the case. Ohh and nice going with the ex relation female… noiiiiceee.

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