“Buenos dias, chulo”

Ok I haven’t worked at my last company since August. You know what I’m really missing about it?

The local breakfast place. It had this pretty Latina woman working the cash register. At some point I started talking with the 50 or so Spanish words that I still remember from High School. Then…

“Buenos dias,  Chulo” she would say.  Every morning.

Chulo means like cutie, good looking, sexy etc in Spanish.

Shortly I began to realize that she had friendly greetings for many customers.  Many male customers.

Ok ok, she gets flirted with all of the time and she goes with it. And there just so happened to be a tip jar in front of her cash register. She’s not dumb.

But still, even fake attention from a sassy Latina is pretty sweet.

Gracias, mami.


  1. As long as she didn’t end up driving the Lexus instead of you, no harm, no foul, Rex. :-0 Plus it’s good to exercise the old second language muscles every now and again, not to mention the flirt/charm reflex.

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