Selfie Stick, breakthrough in photography or herald of the end of humanity?

I can’t decide.

“Excuse me,  can you take a picture of me/us?”

We’ve all said it, wanting to have the entire party in the picture, or wanting to be in the picture with the scenery or activity,  instead of having a picture just of scenery or activity.

Well, with the Selfie Stick, that’s no longer an issue.

Behold the Selfie Stick!:


This contraption allows you to put your camera or cell phone on it so you can swing it out further and take a picture of a moment that needs capturing with you in it.  Like this:


(Not GRex in picture)

Tools! Tim Allen would be proud.
Every Grunt from Home Improvement:

And Lord knows strangers don’t necessarily take well-framed pictures.

But… will this take us over the edge and suck the last of our souls?

Ok I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress (naturally.) Many people,  myself included, are posting pictures at an astounding rate. If a picture is worth a thousand words than we are being bombarded by infinite words. And it’s not stopping.

Gone are the days of being careful of what to take a picture due to a limited number of exposures on film. “Careful, I only have four pictures left!!”

Digital technology!

And with smart phones and social media, it’s post now, think later. I (and dare I say “we”), have become deranged into thinking people need to see EVERY STEP OF OUR DAY. And we’ve all accepted viewing them.

That’s some good Kool Aid.

I’ll admit, I’m teetering on the abyss of self-absorbtion, and I’m not they only one. We’re thisclose to falling into the water in which we’re viewing our beautiful reflection.

The Selfie Stick may be a great idea to be in the pics with people, scenery and great events.

Buuuuuut, let’s try to uphold picture quality, try to limit the “hey look at us hanging out at a bar, showing our duck faces! Woooooooooooh!” pics.

So let’s all be sure to use the Selfie Stick for good, not evil.



  1. Not my kinda thing, we just take turns, we seldom ask anyone else to take our photo unless they’re someone we’re giving a large tip to. There are tripods for that?

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  2. My mum bought me one for christmas that can have my phone or screw onto my big camera and converts to a video filming handle, mini tripod and reasonably sized normal tripod. It’s actually quite useful for taking pics over crowds or pics of stuff high up to avoid that slated effect from being so damn short etc but confusingly was not the photography gadget I asked for (and she seems to think it is) so no clue where she got the idea from, but it’s kinda cool.

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  3. Dear God, it is the end of civilization as we know it. Now we will all be getting impaled on those things…no one pays attention now to what surrounds us when going for that perfect shot. Yikes. No, thank you.


  4. My best photos have been taken by others. There are a lot of very talented people out there. Maybe this year I’ll take a photography class. Or, with your inspiration, work on perfecting my duck face. 🙂

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