Bunny Ears, the Original Photobomb

So on Christmas I made sure to take a pic with the the nieces and one nephew that were there.

And the nephew tried to hold up his pointer and middle fingers in the V peace sign behind his sister’s head,  giving her the “bunny ears.”


Once I noticed,  I insisted that we take another picture,  this time “stop, do it normal.” Ok, he’s 11, so he gets a pass… this time.

The “bunny ears” are a photobomb.

I’m not going to say I’m completely innocent and have never bunny eared or photobombed, but now I realize that DAMN it’s annoying. It’s like a little “hey, I’m going to ruin your moment because I’m so cool.  Look at ME!”

But pictures are people ways of capturing time,  and normally I want my time captured with the cast and poses that I intend. I don’t like my time ruined by idiocy. And if it’s by strangers that brings them to asshole status.


So ok, lesson learned. I, GratuitousRex, pledge to never bunny-ear or photobomb anyone ever again.

Anyone care to pledge with me?


  1. Good Luck with that. My 40-something year old brothers still do this on the rare occasions when we get together. It’s funny…for about 2 pics…then…just plain annoying. Still enjoy our sibling reunions, though, they don’t happen enough.

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  2. Totally agreed- super annoying! My favorite photobombs are either accidental or when someone is actually doing something hilarious in the background. I never found bunny ears funny- man, I feel like I have a heart of stone :p

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  3. Growing up one of my aunts was the family photographer since this wasn’t age when everyone had or used a camera. She had quite the growl when we screwed around in her pictures. And the occasional curse word. She would scare us into acting straight. When I look back on it i think that we did not capture a moment in time but her moment in time. She would capture the image she wanted… And then we were free to go back to being kids. So I wonder. .. Do those pictures reflect an accurate portrayal of what happened? Nope. They reflect an image if kids scared into “smiling” for the camera.

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