The Weirdest Drunken Comment Heard in 2014

It came in just under the wire, on New Year’s Eve.

I was meeting two female friends for dinner at a Belgian restaurant that they had been to before, across the street from the karaoke place to which we were eventually going.

I got there early and was waiting at the bar. There were two guys also at the bar,  speaking pretty loudly at each other.

When my two friends walk in, one of the guys, let’s call him Frank, starts speaking to them.  They know him from all being regulars at the karaoke place. They introduce me.

They’re talking, and it’s clear that he’s been drinking a good amount, especially when he starts talking about the bathroom in the restaurant.

“They’re clean enough to masturbate in.”

Yes, that’s what he said. A conversation ender if I’ve ever heard one. We’ve all been drunk before, and that’s a first time I’ve ever heard a comment like that. “Interesting” thought process.

Silences the crowd as we all briefly look at each other in a “did he just say that?” way.

“(Silence)………..well great seeing you, we’re going to sit at a table for dinner. Happy New Year.”

I didn’t shake his hand. Just extended out my elbow for a bump.


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