2014, Ups and Downs

Ok, in public the general sense is to say how great the year was.

But let’s face it, or at least I’ll face it, there were many ups and downs,  ebbs and flows, (insert other clever sayings here. )

-starting blogging, getting good feedback,  and am enjoying the interactions with readers and fellow bloggers, 138 posts since mid-October, 494 followers, read by people in 66 countries, 4,540 views in total.  I’m a blogger and I think that’s extremely cool.
-I learned how to surf in northeastern Florida
-did some rock wall climbing
-hiked two 3,000 ft peaks in New Hampshire
-got laid off from my job
-had a kick ass going away party from my job
-had a road trip to Cincinnati with a friend to see tennis
-went to the us open
-was godfather to a friend’s baby
-dated… nay… hung out with a woman which looked promising but ended abruptly and weird
-interviewed a lot and got better even got to a third interview on one well known company
-created a new art form with foam board, nails crazy glue and yarn, made 5 pieces
-worked out a lot and am more muscular than ever
-started running
-started meditating
-had countless ridiculously fun times with friends going to sporting events,  dinners or just hanging out
-lots of great times with family

Ok you get the point. 

A part of me wants to mope on the bad things(very deep-rooted conditioning),  but overall there aren’t that many. I’m very grateful for that.  Grateful for 2014 and where my life is going.

And I can see what wins I want to add in 2015, along the lines of a committed,  intimate and fun relationship, a great job that has a huge future, and own my own place.

Here’s to 2014, bring on 2015!


  1. Well, even those ‘downs’ push us forward though it may not seem that way right now….. I was heartbroken when my boyfriend broke up with me years ago….. but now I would love to thank him, it was the biggest favor anyone has done for me. I packed up my suitcase, boarded a plane to London and later New York and damn, it has been a great adventure ever since. Cheers to 2015! 🙂

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  2. Glad you had such a fun year! Sounds like lots of cool things were experienced. And your perspective seems to be on point. 🙂

    Love that you learned to surf in Florida! 🏄


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