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Give me some song suggestions for karaoke tonight. Male voice.



43 thoughts on “Give me some song suggestions for karaoke tonight. Male voice.

      1. Going out to the beach (South Beach) for a night of immoral and unchaste fun. (yeah right) I’ll just be hanging in the company of those harlots and pimps while hopefully just dancing my ass off and avoiding catching any airborne VDs. It can get a lil crazy round these parts…

        So karaoke tonight? Anything else fun? What part of the country are you in?


      2. Weeeeeell, I didn’t dance my ass off but I had a great time. I drank much more than I expected. (I usually just don’t drink because I don’t care for liquor and I’ve tried to keep the lbs down.) But champagne was plentiful and it loosened me up. I was offered a few midnight makeouts but I gladly passed on those strange offers.

        The place we went to (Mondrian Hotel) is gorgeous and the pool area (where the party was mainly) overlooks Biscayne Bay and it was just stunning. Company was great so I really can’t complain. Just recovering today.

        How was your night of debauchery? Am eager to hear about it!

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      3. No debauchery to report. We went to done then a karaoke place, two female friends and i. As I believed I’d mentioned, at various points one of the friends and i have hooked up, but it’s shifted to friendship only, we’re very flirty and more touchy feely than I am with other female friends but just friends now. And that’s fine.

        I do have dinner tonight with a new woman tonight.

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      4. Sounds like a nice night then. No drama. πŸ™‚ And you prob looked like the man with two ladies by your side!

        Now you’ll have to report back on your dinner date tonight with your new lady friend. Charm her with your singing skills! lol

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  1. Funny idea: call yourself “Rex James” as your stage name, and open with [Rick James – Superfreak]?

    [K.C and the Sunshine Band – That’s the way (I like it)]

    If this “friend” of yours is someone you are “talking to”?, try [Bill Wither’s – Lovely Day]?

    Maybe [Kool and the gang – Celebration]?

    Enjoy yourself and rock the mic.

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