Car woes continued: Behold the damage… and the cost!!!!

Well, in Car woes I mentioned how while I was in Ohio for Christmas I accidentally scraped my rear passenger-side fender on a low brick structure.  Behold the damage:


Well, it’s a lease so I brought it to the  dealer today.  They estimate it would cost $900 to fix. Actually they’re adding in fixing two other single line scratches that were marks from parking on the street.

So at that price,  I’m not even going to put it through insurance,  I’ll just pay and be done. I don’t want to f with my insurance rep over $400 over the deductible.

It’ll take a few days so I’ll wait til next week.

Such is having a car.


  1. Ugh, that completely sucks. I agree, though, that you are probably making a wise choice. Still, $900 you didn’t want to spend on a silly accident. Boo.

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  2. That’s a mighty big scrape, Rex. Kind of awful that you (mostly) dodge your way through the Big Apple and manage to mangle the lease car in Ohio. Yeah, the choice to not go through insurance is probably a good one because they’d either raise your rates immediately or put it on your permanent record and hope like hell for the next claim.

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    • And yes, not my proudest moment as a car leaser. There were many factors: driving in reverse, down a hill, poor lighting, out of sight brick structure. I say that to make myself feel better anyway


      • I’ll share in your remorse moment to ease the pain. Before my dear wife Karen was my dear wife, she took me to Los Angeles to meet her Aunt Pauline, the remaining senior generation member of her family. So after the first-day introduction at Aunt Pauline’s lovely Van Nuys home, I jump into our rented Ford Mustang, back out, and run over her prized daisies that border the skinny driveway. Karen was aghast. Lo and behold, Aunt Pauline waved goodbye with a big smile on her face and greeted me with a big hug the next day anyway. I was accepted, and we indeed visited from New York again. RIP Aunt Pauline.

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