Atheists’ Rage

So, you may have heard that an atheist group thumbed it’s nose at Christianity this holiday season where they took out a billboard, referring to church as “fairy tales.”

Now ok… Christmas is everywhere.  It’s a national holiday, there are Christmas  trees everywhere, houses are decorated. This country was founded by Christians, God is mentioned all over the place. I get it.

I’ve seen figures that put 77% of the US population identifies with being done kind of Christian, with 16% as No Religion. I’m going to simplify and call that Atheist,  although there’s Agnostic too.

All religion is in a type of argument, saying that something exists that they  can’t prove at all. As much as they believe in their heart of hearts, God still can’t be proved.

That’s why it’s called Faith.

And yes, people speak about God ALL of the time.

ALL of the time. Heck, my Mom practically ends every sentence with “God willing” since she’s had a heart attack.

But yes, God is a continual conversation for an enormous majority of the people. Especially when discussing all religions.

I’ve never really seen that as being an “in your face” to Atheists, saying that they are wrong, and believing in God, any God, is right.

Now as I’ve mentioned in A Christmas Lesson aka The Tao of George Michael,
I myself am going through a doubting period.

Nonetheless,  this billboard is a bit of a shock to me. They’re not promoting something, they’re promoting AGAINST something. But if I think about it, any promotion is a promotion against whatever is not that,  I suppose.

I guess there is no way no promote nothingness without mentioning what is generally accepted.

My go to reaction is “don’t be such a douchebag. Let people believe what they want.”

“Waitaminute,  Rex. Christians prosthelytize all of the time.”

Good point, good sir/madam. I think that’s annoying too, as I’ve mentioned in Subway Preachers, I think the random preacher is annoying too. Stop scouting.

Eh going against a deep rooted belief as God is quite a lighting rod.

Some of the first settlers came here to avoid religious persecution. And there’s been so much killing in the name of God throughout time.

This is complicated.

Who knew Atheists were so organized?

And I still think it was a dick move.


  1. I suppose it’s their money so they can billboard up whatever they want. I suppose they get sick of all the God billboards everywhere and a billboard of their own is a non-violent way of expressing that?

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  2. Everyone proselytizes about something. It’s called being enthusiastic about something you you like/love and believe in. Atheists do it too – they have their own religion and can get quite obnoxious about it.


  3. Having evacuated a highly religious environment myself, billboards like this strike me as more of the same proselytising that I’m trying to get away from. It’s inevitable that stuff like these billboards is going to happen though. It’s human nature to browbeat one another into what to think rather than allowing one another to think for themselves. Even so called “free thinkers” attempt to “correct” what others say and think.

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  4. The one thing I’ve noticed about the majority of even devout Christians is that they don’t hound you for your unbelief. Street preachers aren’t singling people out for a good damming. Even the door knocking Jevovas Witnesses are polite when rebuffed. Hindus welcome everyone to the Diwali celebrations without getting all uppity about it’s lack of significance to them.

    I find that second atheist sign disrespectful to people who are happy in their semi Christian seasonal warm happy festive blanket and seems more than a little Bah Humbug to me.

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  5. In my opinion, billboards are bossy by definition. They’re large and unyielding and they always seem to be screaming. Lose weight! Buy a bigger house! Wear this watch! Are they considered effective advertising any more? I think drivers are too busy texting to pay attention. 😉

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