Designated Texters are a thing. Ugh.

Holy crap the times have evolved.

We all know that Designated Drivers for people who are too drunk to drive, but I just heard that Designated Texters are now a thing.

And that article is two years old!

I mean, driving distracted like that is wrong and texting while driving causes accidents. But are we so attached to texting that we can’t just, you know, wait?

Alcohol physically impairs the ability to drive. But texting does not do that. It’s just the flakiness of not being able to prioritize safety over immediate communication.

Designated Selfie-ers can’t be far behind?


I’m old.


  1. That people can’t be without their phones/texts/internets for a car journey (in the same way that a beer free night seems to be too much for some) is utterly perplexing. And why I like to ride my bike far far away from people (and the internet – well, until later..)

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  2. Thanks for the post. You got it right – can’t we just hold off a little bit?
    I’m old enough now that I seem to be going to more “celebrations of life” than births or weddings. I’d rather not go to the funerals of my friends who are hyper-connected or drink-needing, so I’ve offered to be one of those designated drivers. Sorry to be a downer with your light post – the last “celebration” I went to was just so recent and unnecessary.
    Hey, how’s this – let’s all just turn them off for a bit and enjoy each others’ company!?

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