Welcome back, New York City Pizza!

I was in Ohio for 5 nights over Christmas,  but now I’m back in Brooklyn NYC. This afternoon it hit me… I haven’t had pizza in OVER A WEEK!!


Luckily where I live in Brooklyn, I can walk to a main commercial streets with  lots of pizza options,  so I went to my favorite place and got a slice and a Grandma slice. So so good.


In fact, I took a creative writing class at the New School years ago and I interviewed that pizza place’s management for an assignment.  If memory serves correctly, they owned the pizza place that John Travolta visited in the movie Saturday Night Fever.

Note: Grandma slices are thin crust square slices. The thick square slices are Sicilian.

Note: a pet peeve of mine: when pizza with nothing extra on it is referred to as a “cheese slice.” To me it’s a “slice,” “regular” or “plain” slice.” I know many say “cheese slice” so i know I’m not winning that one.


  1. I call it a plain slice. And a cheese pie. Brooklyn talk from being born in Greenpoint in 1957. Never heard it called a grandma slice, Rex. We called the square version a Sicilian slice. Anyway, a want a triangle plain slice to fold in half to let the olive oil orange drip up my arm as I eat it. Now, please.

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  2. Omg, so jealous! I miss NY pizza so bad! Living in Maryland I’ve been on the search for the closest thing to it, so far it’s been a miss. I haven’t had sicilian in forever. Nom, nom, nom…

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