Swear Words Part 2: “shit “

In it’s primary sense,  the word “shit” is the ubiquitous scatalogical term for poop.

And there are many other uses for it, I think just because they sound cool,  not because they mean poop:

-Holy shit! – probably the number 1 exclamation of surprise.

-Shit-faced- meaning drunk

-Take your shit…- meaning “stuff”

-Are you shitting me?- making “fooling”

-Don’t give me that shit!- meaning “nonsense”

-Take a shit- ok that one is “poop” (although as George Carlin pointed out that “you don’t take a shit, you leave a shit”)

-I don’t give a shit- meaning “I don’t care”

-I’ll beat the shit out of you- meaning beat someone “intensely” (if THAT ONE meant poop, that would be a strange practice)

-That’s on my Shit List- my list of things that annoy me

-On that similar note,  as my blog friend CzechChickDiary wrote in  I like a nice compliment, just leave my toes alone
“You’re really wearing the shit out of (that shirt.)”- again “intensity” but fellas,  that’s a weird pick up line, probably complimenting her figure.

For people whose first language is not English,  multi-meaning words gotta be strange.

What’s up with that shit?


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