A Christmas Lesson aka The Tao of George Michael

I went to church on Christmas Eve with family (I’m Catholic.)  I don’t normally go to church anymore. I used to regularly with my family as a kid. Heck,  I was an altar server,  then an usher.   My parents were pretty active in our parish.

Then I still went to church as a young adult through my first year or two living out of my parents house,  so around 27 users old.

Then I started questioning things about what they preach and how Catholicism operates in general. I liked certain parts and really was against others. I didn’t like being a “Cafeteria Catholic.” Ultimately, I found it more of a waste of time.

I believe in being a good person, and that transcends religion and it goes for all people. I’m more spiritual now than religious. There’s something else out there but I’m not ready to day it’s this or that. God, spirit,  the universe…

So we were in church last night, I went only because of my family. I tried to listen and follow along like I used to.

And I realized that I’ve been missing something important.


I’m not talking about anything specific, but faith in SOMETHING is important, it’s a great anchor, knowing that a divine spirit or force has your back. It creates, it guides, it supports. I can see how people are so devout, beliefs as strong as those are great for people’s well being.

And regularity is important.  A structure is great. Lije going to church every week.

I’m not going to start going to church every week. And I’m not ready to embrace Catholicism again.

But I do think I could benefit from a regular structure of being in touch with the divine. So on 2015 I’ll start praying again every night.

It’s a start.

As George Michael sang in 1987:
“Cuz I gotta have faith”

Merry Christmas all!


  1. There is way more to the story (of faith) than you can imagine. Faith in faith is useless, but faith in God has no limit to what can be explored and found out. You are right to start by praying and asking for the next step. All the best!

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  2. I’m a disenfranchised Catholic (the Church’s terminology, not mine). I doubt I’ll ever go back. I rarely pray the prayers they taught me but I do pray with the words coming from my heart. This helps to reaffirm my faith. I hope you find your way too.

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