Christmas was on December 22 This Year

So I’m over my brother’s house in Ohio from New York. I arrived on Sunday December 21. My parents are up from Florida. My sister, her kids and her bf was here from Maine.  All of them have been here since Saturday December 20.

And my sister et al had to leave yesterday morning,  Dec 23.

Culinarily, the big meal around this time is the Christmas Eve meal. We’re of Italian heritage so we do seafood. “Fishmas” is also known as the “Seven Fishes” (sic) but lately is more like five.

This year’s lineup: Salmon,  haddock, shrimp, crabcakes… AND…

And the headliner of the meal is linguine with oil, walnuts and anchovies.

Yes… anchovies.

Now before you start screaming,  let me explain. The anchovies get dropped in the oil (and garlic) and they disintegrate. And the added flavor is very slight.

It’s been in my family since my mom married my stepdad 29 years ago. And EVERY year we’ve had it.  The supporting dishes have changed over the years but the linguine has always been the centerpiece. The Stairway to Heaven. The Satisfaction,  The Piano Man.  Behold (this is a found pic online,  but it’s the closest to what we had):


Now,  as I mentioned,  my sister had to leave early. So we had the Christmas Eve meal on DECEMBER 21ST!!!!!!


As a consequence,  my ENTIRE SCHEDULE IS THROWN OFF!!!!!! I have no idea when Christmas is, nor what day it is nor when I’m leaving.



  1. Born-in-Greenpoint reporting in, Rex. My daughter gave me kielbasa and pierogi and saurkraut as part of my gift last night. So, yes, food traditions. I’ll cook mine up before New Year’s. This weekend. The exact day doesn’t matter anymore, just the taste. Syracuse wishing peace on Christmas to you all. 🙂

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