My Ire with Sneakers/Running Shoes/Trainers

Sneakers,  the active footwear.  I know some call them Tennis Shoes,  some call them Trainers.

They need to be padded and comfortable sure. Lately they have a mesh on their tops. To cool off the foot in activity and in the heat,  sure.

But am I supposed to have alternate footwear for the cold weather, or the rain? Because that’s where this design falls apart. Did the designer live in Arizona and never leave?



  1. I was just thinking the same thing! I was headed to downtown Chicago this weekend and wanted to wear comfortable footwear. I realized that most all of my most comfy tennis shoes are too “breezy” to wear outside during the winter months. Since I most often wear them in the gym I hadn’t thought about it much. But I was super perplexed about that, too. Maybe they think we all own really fashionable boots. (I do. I wore them. But still!)

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  2. You’ve seen that the king is actually naked, so to speak, and that the over-specialization of trainers is really a marketing ploy.
    I recall reading an article by an experienced police negotiator in which he described one technique for wearing down hijackers being continually to offer them choices; it seems to work well for turning empowered citizens into compliant consumers.
    Just my seasonal cynicism..

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