Car woes

Backing out of a driveway that I don’t really know, at night, I scraped my rear fender on a brick flower pot structure.

My car is a lease.


Truth be told, going in I thought it might be difficult. So as I was going out I went slow and I thought I had it, but I had not realized that fucking brick flower pot was there.

What the fuck?! I just forgot to use the side mirrors?

Now I’m just angry and it’s hard to be present.

I have to be careful not to let this get to me long term. I can do that easily.


  1. My Dearest Rex, I too have had a recent similar experience. My husband has taken great care in keeping my car straight and clean. I try to park away from those who throw open their doors without a care, as it hits the vehicle next to them. In San Francisco I was parked in a tight lot gabbing happily with my people inside. As we sat talking, someone un-hitched a flat bed trailer directly behind me impossible to see. When it was time to leave I backed up and punched a hole through my back, shiny, fiber glass bumper. Obviously, the trailer was fine what damage could be done to the hulking monster with sharp corners meant to destroy beautiful things. I was so upset I just drove away. No words. The destruction was done. My gorgeous vehicle now horribly blemished. I appreciate your comments, words I choose not to say, but feel none the less. You are among friends, my friend. My unshed tears now unfortunately yours. But we must carry on. šŸ˜¦ ā¤ = šŸ™‚

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  2. Breathe deep. There are people who can fix this kind of thing. The following is a link to a friend of mine in Syracuse. There’s got to be a guy like him where you live. Honest and more reasonable than a car dealer, for sure.

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