Keep Your Head Up aka Motion Creates Emotion

Add I’ve mentioned before,  I’m currently unemployed.  Got laid off in August and I’ve been interviewing but nothing has been closed on yet.

Recently I’d gotten closer than I have been in this job search phase: had two phone interviews,  then called in to meet with five people, one at a time with a lunch in between. Quite the interviewathon.

I got the call yesterday that they decided to proceed with another candidate. Disappointing,  it was with a well known online company with a great future and lots of space to move around.  But I already have another interview lined up.

I told my friend “Kevin”,  he said “keep your head up” which is a common saying.” Head down” signifies depressed and blah. “Heads up” signifies good mood and confidence.

Our moods influence our movements,  and also our movements influence our moods.

Motion creates emotion, as Ben Affleck said at :22 in this speech from Boiler Room.

And you know what,  it’s true.  Tony Robbins talks about changing your state (of mind) by changing your physicality. A depressed person walks around slowly,  shoulders hunched over,  small paces, dragging his feet. 

A confident person is calm,  walks steadily and upright.  Maybe even struts. Or is he/she confident BECAUSE he/she struts?

Do we smile when we’re in a good mood,  or does smiling PUT US in a good mood?

I say both. 

Sometimes even when I feel down,  a mischievous smirk helps me feel… well… mischievous and in a place of action.

Whichever works.

So you got it, Kev, my head is staying up.


  1. Loved this post. A friend of mine always says to get out and at least walk around the block, or head to Starbucks with my computer and write when I feel down. Physical action seems like the last thing that would be helpful during times like these, but it’s amazing how much movement (and a change of scenery) can help, even if you have to force it at first. Good luck in the job search!

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