Being Invited “Plus One” During a Dry Spell

I got the invitation to a friend’s wedding recently. It said Gratuitous Rex and Guest. AKA I was invited “Plus One”.

Bring a date to talk to,  to dance with,  and all that good stuff… except I’m in a pretty dry spot.  I’m talkin arid extra dry.
I can bring a female friend. Sure. I’ve done that before.  However, I’m not really that close with any single women as friends these days to bring one. And trying to bring one who’s not single is more awkward than me going alone.  Hmmm…

I’m not going to see if someone knows someone to go with me as a favor.  I’m not bringing a total stranger doing a favor. I’ll go solo before that.

I’m out of a job and have been focused on that, haven’t really felt like putting any effort into meeting anyone. Zero. And nothing is what I got. 

And I haven’t worked on anything… short term, as some say, either.

If you think about it, really, life is a plus one invitation. Life’s not designed for long-term single-ness. It certainly CAN be done single,  but it’s not really designed for it.

We can’t play ping pong, apply sun tan lotion to our backs, or dance to slow songs at weddings.

We can’t mate. 

I can practice mating, of course. But as the sage Eugene Levy (and his eyebrows) said in American Pie “it’s like hitting a tennis ball against a brick wall,  which can be fun… but it’s not a game… what you want is a partner to return the ball.”

This is definitely some bullshit I’ve been putting up with,  as I spoke about in Putting up with Bullshit- a View on Midlife Crisis.

I want someone to return the ball, dammit.

First goal,  see when the latest I can RSVP is, and do some work until then to make this happen, to see if I can have a plus one.


  1. I agree with vanbytheriver, don’t force it. If you have to, go alone. Your partner is probably out there. But if you wind up with a “good enough for the wedding” date, you might miss her entirely. Best of luck crossing her path with yours!

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