Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Ok,  I think we call ALL agree that Hot Tub Time Machine was awesome and was snubbed for an Academy Award.

Or at least anyone 35-50 years old who probably worships the 80s and everything it stood for, they would be with me. Brothers & sisters, that movie was ours.

The “I want my MTV”-type references, the hair styles,  the music…

And HTTM had some great characters. By far, the best was Rob Corddry’s “Stew” character, the loose cannon deviant, enough to hook everyone with a pulse into seeing more movies with him.

And Craig Robinson can do no wrong.

I know what you’re asking: can HTTM2 be good if it’s not about the 80s?

It does look amazing. Time travel movies are always iffy. This reminds me of a good Back to the Future movie. That lacked protagonists with edge. But with Corddry’s aforementioned wild, libidinous Stew in the Doc Brown role, that takes care of that.

And Clark Duke’s character looks like he had some comeuppance (along with gobackdownance)

Plus, John Cusack isn’t in it,  he was the leader in the last film…AND…he was the boring, milquetoast straight man anyway.

Looks like they’re bringing Adam Scott in to replace him. BAH unnecessary.  But ok.

Oh It’s coming. 

Who’s in?


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