Too Old To Crash On Couches

So I was hanging with my friend of 30 years yesterday.  Actually,  I house sat for him yesterday during the day as people did work on his house.  I’m unemployed currently and have some flexibility.

Let’s call him,  “Sam.” In our early teens,  Sam and I got along quickly early on (fir the most part), and in our adult lives we can spend hours shooting the shit,  drinking beers,  reminiscing,  impersonating our friends  (ok he does that, impeccably, I hack my way through it,) or getting stuff done.

Now, I’m godfather to his daughter so I’m family now.

So I house sat, then we hung out at night doing stuff at his brother’s house (another friend of mine,) then got a late  dinner at a local eatery.

(I completely missed an opp when the cute waitress was flirting with me, making a comment about my “wife” fishing to find out if I’m married or not.   And I’m not. I froze. I wasn’t even drinking and I missed that. Dammit.)

It was around 11pm when he pitched the idea of me crashing over, staying up, drinking beer like old times. His wife and daughter are away.

I said no at first,  but the thought of driving 30 minutes home to Brookyn, scrounging for a parking spot didn’t sound appealing,  so I conceded.

We bought a six pack and went back to his new house. But wait, I had forgotten that he stopped drinking recently as fatherhood came around.  So these are all for ME?

I had one beer while he was still putting touches on something he was fixing up in the house.

Then I fell asleep.  On purpose.  I’m 42 now and staying up late doesn’t quite work for me physically anymore. Plus he was obsessed doing house chores as he just movedinto the house, so I realized that the “hang” portion of the evening wouldn’t be for a while.

He was nice enough to put a blanket on me.

Being single and unattached does allow me freedom to do certain things, but I’m 42 and the Mid Life Crisis has set upon me. I know it was spur of the moment, but I’m pretty sure my couch crashing days are over.

I brought the 5 beers home,  but I have a friend coming over tomorrow for football.  He can drink them. I don’t feel like it.


  1. I just have to say that I really enjoy your writing style. If I were to talk with you, I’d bet that you speak in much of the same way you write. This is by no means a bad thing; just an observation. 🙂

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  2. ‘I’m 42 and staying up late quite doesn’t work physically for me anymore.’ I feel your pain. I remember pulling all-nighter’s in college and just generally staying up late to talk to friends about stupid stuff with gravity. Oh well. Also, I like your blog.

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  3. This post actually makes me sad, I think about this very thing a lot. I’m only 24, but I can already see a huge change in my friend dynamic from say 17-22. We used to have sleepovers all the time. We used to get drunk and puke in each other’s laundry baskets, we used to be forced to smoosh three into a bed for one and wake up and eat cereal together and laugh about the stupid things we did the night before. Now if I sleepover it’s on a guest bed made up for me and if we eat the next day it’s at an expensive brunch place I can’t afford and everybody has to leave by 2 to run errands or catch up on work.


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