Christmas Card Coincidence

Ok so in my post
Should A Single man be sending Christmas cards?
I was weighing my options as to whether I should should send holiday cards this year or not.

Today I decided “fuck it, why not?” 

On my way to the stationery store, I was deciding whether to send a card to my friend “Nunzio.” I haven’t seen that guy in two years and we don’t talk anymore,  with an occasional FB post. I like Nunz a lot,  we used to get along really well.  Life just took us in different directions.

I would have to ask his cousin “Francesca” for his address. I’m FB friends with her. She actually lives in my neighborhood in Brooklyn,  though I do not know where. 

I go to the stationery store,  pick out the cards, wait in line, and who walks through the doorway?


We talk effortlessly.  We anyways got along but we were never friends, per se. (And I took forever to decide if I should ask her out or not. I never did. Ugh. She’s awesome. Mistake.  She’s married with child now.)

But back to the point. I’m getting a message. I get it, and I got Nunz’s address. I’ll definitely send “Nunzio” a card.

: D


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