Regarding Road-Blocking Protests

I know stuff can be really f’ed up and people should absolutely protest and let themselves be heard.


What good does completely blocking roads and shutting down traffic do?

People have lives and need to get places.

I know they are non-violent protests but blocking entire roads is like passive aggressive looting.  They’re not stealing people’s stuff but they’re stealing people’s time. Innocent people who had NOTHING to do with what they’re protesting.

Don’t fuck with people’s time.

As it is, the act of travelling fucks with people’s time. The time in the car, train, etc. We want to BE in other places all of the time, it’s the GETTING there that’s really a waste of time. Unless I’m in a cruise ship. Those fucking rock.

People’s lives involve getting to certain places at certain times. And on a road there are infinite reasons for driving. They could even be life or death circumstances.

I’m not saying the protesters cause isn’t just.  I’m saying to do it where it makes a difference,  not where they’re annoying thousands of people by postponing their lives.


  1. I have been having this disagreement with people for days. I seem to come off like an uncaring asshat – but I don’t see the point in you disrupting the common man’s day. Is that your target? No? Then why are you doing it that way?

    On the other hand, it does have people talking about it. And it hits the news. And that’s their main goal. But I don’t think it’s accomplishing much more above us Joe Blows. You know?

    I completely support the idea to assemble, to protest, to make your voice heard. I do. But let me be the first to say – if you block my way home for hours on a Friday night after work? I can’t be held responsible for the words that may leave my mouth.

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  2. The construction and use of freeways historically has been a way for the “haves” to distance themselves from the “have nots” while at the same time adding to the devaluation of parts of the inner cities.

    As one site says,
    “Often, rural freeways open up vast areas to economic development, generally raising property values. In contrast to this, above ground freeways in urban areas are often a source of lowered property values, contributing to urban decay. Even with overpasses and underpasses, above ground freeways divide neighborhoods — especially impoverished ones where residents are less likely to own a car, or to have the political and economic influence to resist construction efforts.”


  3. Much as I endorse and support the need for protests, I think ‘they’ are doing them in the wrong places.
    Blocking roads so as to make me late for work, or for coming home, only makes me lose my support for them and, maybe, get angry.
    Where should protests be done? At the Capitol in Washington, DC. In your state capital, where the lobbyists schmooze and finagle their way into our pockets. Clog the streets around the Mall. (not the shopping mall, although a shopping mall will do in a pinch). Make sure the Congressmen and Senators (those that bother to actually show up in DC) know that the peasants are angry. Block Wall Street. lay down in the streets where the corporate HQ parking garages are full of BMW’s and Mercedes. Protest on the lawns of the CEOs (if you can get past the gate guards). Because, ultimately, these things come down to the rich vs the poor. Yes, this may be stretch, but if the victims of police brutality had had a job that paid a decent wage, if the poor had someplace more productive, more rewarding to be than in the streets, it wouldn’t have happened. If the victims hadn’t given up trying to find a job, or submitted to the hopelessness that poverty brings, they wouldn’t have gone mano-a-mano with the cops.

    As long as the Rich Man and his pet Congressman are not personally affected by the protests, as long as they keep off duty cops on their payroll to protect themselves from US, you will continue to hear of shootings of poor people. Martin Luther King said that protests were the only way the poor could be heard.

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