Butt-Dialed Stone Temple Pilots

Ok,  by now we’re all familiar with the fact that when in our pockets, buttons get pushed on our phones and sometimes the phones make phone calls to people in our contact list.

When cell phones were still new I remember receiving calls and the crescendo of hellos I would give- “Hello Evan?  HELLO?!  EVAN!! HELLO EVAN!!  EVAAAAAAAAAAN HELLLLOOOOOOOO!…”
You get the point. Then I’d eventually speak to Evan.

“Wait, what?  Phones do that. What sorcery is this?” It was a whole new world.

Then one day my phone dialed an ex girlfriend of mine… a few times. That was an interesting day, yep I had to delete her number sheet that.  Probably for the best anyway : )

And when phones are in people’s back pockets,  the term “”Butt Dial” arose. I carry my phone in my front pocket, I could use the PG-rated term “Pocket Dial” but how can I not use a term like “Butt-Dial?”

But I hit the next level just the other day.  I was walking down the street and I heard music coming from my lower mid-section.

Odd. I’m not normally musical down there.

I pulled it out (my phone that is) and it was playing Stone Temple Pilots’ song Wicked Garden off their album Plush.  My phone pulled up the album in Google Play and chose the album’s THIRD SONG.

Butt-Dialing sure went up a few notches. Butt-Amazon-Purchasing and Butt-Meme-ing can’t be too far away. As long as I don’t Butt-Change-My-Fantasy-Football-Lineup.  I’m in the playoffs.

And now, for your listening pleasure….


  1. Ha! That has so happened to me before! My phone has been known to use Pandora without permission AND start tweeting gibberish. Hello? Ask first, thank you. My favorite, though, is autocorrect (NOT!) and I find myself saying “touchdown” instead of touché . LOL. 😉

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