“When you come for Christmas… BRING BAGELS!!!”

Yes, I live in Brookyn NY, and I grew up in Queens NY.

I’m a New Yorker.

And I don’t care what Chicagoans say, with their deep dish pizza… NY pizza is awesome, dammit!!

But you know what food is also great in NYC? 


Yes,  that circular bread treat,  sometimes with different seeds on it, like poppy seeds or sesame seeds, or maybe large-grained salt, or garlic or onion. Sometimes the bread is flavored,  like cinnamon raisin or pumpernickel.



And sometimes they’re plain.

Then there’s the Everything Bagel, adding every external topping at once.  The indecisive (or greedy) New Yorker’s dream.

There are different types of cream cheese spreads,  or other spreads like whitefish salad, or they could be the base of a sandwich.

Crazy, I know.

I know eating lots of bread isn’t great for keeping my weight down… BUT… I can’t go cold turkey.

Now I now have relatives in other areas on the USA.  In Ohio, Maine, Colorado and Florida.  And yes,  I bring bagels wherever I go.

Honestly,  they’re just not the same in other areas. And frozen bagels in stores are bareable, in a pinch. I guess.

Legend has it that the NYC water,  for some reason,  is great for making bagels.  Go figure.

And since I’m driving to Ohio for Christmas,  I’m bringing FOUR DOZEN BAGELS.

I’m just glad that holiday eating doesn’t count : )


  1. In the mid 70’s, I was stationed at Ft. Monmouth, NJ. I would take the bus into Manhattan every weekend.

    Since those days, I’ve lived in six other states and four different countries. I now live permanently in Washington State.

    I haven’t had a real bagel since those days in the 70’s. You can’t GET real bagels outside of NY/NJ. Stores might CALL the round things “bagels”, but once you’ve learned what a real one is, you can always tell the phonies.

    I wouldn’t have believed that I could miss a simple thing like a bagel, but oh, my, I do. To this day, I do.

    Of course, I can balance that by saying, you all on the East Coast have no idea what real salmon tastes like. No, no, no…’lox’ isn’t real salmon. It’s farmed Atlantic salmon, so heavily processed that it loses any semblance of reality. Pacific coast salmon…wild caught…is unbeatable.

    As for pizza, you’re right. There’s nothing to beat a NY pizza (and I’m not talking that Sbarro crap).

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  2. Tomato sauce on TOP of a pizza? Fuggedaboutit!

    And bagels. They must be large enough to challenge your diet and chewy enough to challenge your fillings. Enough said.

    Lox, cream cheese, red onions, fresh cracked pepper. Beer. Nirvana.

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