Fantasy Football, and Football in general

So if you ask a man to name his fantasies, chances are you’ll get stories about women,  exotic locales, sports cars or some combination there of.

But come September, we fantasize about football (American), and we play “Fantasy Football” where we get a group of friends/co-workers together,  usually 10 or 12, and we “draft” NFL players who will play that season and their success on the field (passes, catches, runs, touchdowns, field goals,  etc) will give us points. 

We go up against a different opponent every week and how our players do determines who wins,  all up until the second to last gamed of the regular season when the championship is. It allows us to be the General Manager of a team. We trade players. Drop bad ones. Pick up others that haven’t been drafted yet.

And we play for money : )

So where are the women,  beaches and the cars? Good question.

Many men like football.  We LOVE football.  I think it’s like gladiators at the Coliseum in Ancient Rome.  It’s easier than you think to turn into a maniac watching sports. In fact,  if they released an actual lion onto the football field,  it wouldn’t seem all that strange.

And watching sports gives us a chance to live vicariously on sports that we gave up on long ago.  When our team wins it’s “WE WON!!”

And when our team loses… ugh… let’s not talk about it.  I’m a NY Jets fan. Enough said.

Enter: Fantasy Football.  That allows me (a Jets fan) to get through the season,  because I’m also rooting for ME.

GO ME!!!


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