Can a Woman Raise a Man?

A touching piece of insight on fatherhood

Notes From a Red Pill Girl

Comments about my recent post on “The Return of Masculinity” raised an interesting question,
Can a woman raise a man?”

Or in other words can a mom, especially a single mom, raise a son to be a man? Can she teach him what he needs to know as a man? Guide him in being a man?

I am a single mom, but I have two daughters, no sons. So while I cannot comment on mothering a boy as a single mom, I can comment firsthand on watching my mother try to do so.

My father survived Vietnam but tragically passed away in a car accident after his return. My mom was 27. I was 2. My brother was 4. Now this affected all of us in in profound ways, to be sure, but I have often thought perhaps it affected my brother most of all.

Someone said to him, shortly…

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One thought on “Can a Woman Raise a Man?

  1. Surround your son with the kind of men you want him to grow up to be like. That’s what I do and now my eight year old wants to grow up to be a scientist who scales the highest ice mountains in the world. Pretty cool beans if you ask me. A real man is a love centered and love filled soul. A real man is man enough to cry over toilet paper commercial. A real man is someone who is a REAL human being. So, yes. You can raise your son to be a man!


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