Damn Swiping on Tinder

So I was on the dating app “Tinder” and I was in the swiping zone. Just swiping right on everybody(swiping right on a picture means that I’m interested) and figured that I would just deal with the repercussions if they arise- if i get a notification that I match with someone whom I don’t find attractive.

And then,  I stopped as I saw… Annabel.

34, lives 5 miles from me… loves dogs,  bourbon and football (American Football, for my international audience.) Giants fan, but hey I’m ok with that.   The Jets are cursed anyway.

And her pic… dark brown wavy hair, sexy cocktail dress, eating ice cream out of a dish. A playful smile as… a little ice cream was on. .. the tip of her nose.

Sexy AND adorable.

She was probably at a wedding, with no date. Went to the Viennese dessert table and just wanted to do something silly to blow off some stress.

Bless her heart.

And she looked like she smelled amazing too.

My God… she’s The One.

That breeze you just felt is from my mom’s sigh of relief that I found my Annabel. I found the mother of my children, my forever travel mate and dance partner. Stick a fork in me,  I’m done.

I finally know the feeling of just clicking with someone that I can’t picture life without her.

But. .. my finger slipped… and. ..




My sweet Annabel Angel (she likes when I call her that) is gone forever!!



(sigh) You mean I actually have to go find a woman now,  like out there in real, non-app life?

What is this the 90s?


63 thoughts on “Damn Swiping on Tinder

      1. No I’m not as of now. To be honest, it may sound strange but I am trying to figure out if I want to pursue leading a religious life (which my family is completely against) or if I want to date,get into a relationship etc.
        Bit of a tough decision to make(:
        Still thinking about it.


      2. Oh, sorry I misread “specifics” as “spirits”
        By the way you are not alone haha
        I think everyone does lose faith ..momentarily..temporarily and some permanently. Even priests,nuns,religious people(:
        That’s what being human is all about(:


      1. Hahaha I am Catholic too..
        You are losing faith? Well, I have gone through many of those periods and now I feel like I am in a spiritual desert faith is probably at rock bottom. My entire family has moved away from the faith and are practising different religions now.
        Anyway, I think people thinking about leading a religious life have the same tendencies and inclinations as people who are not thinking of pursuing a religious life!
        So, that’s fine haha it’s perfectly normal. We are all prone to darkness and light.
        Have a goodnight!:)


    1. Thanks. So Tinder is basically a vote based on appearance mostly. People can assign pics from their Facebook profile to be their Tinder profile. They can also write some words to describe themselves. And the app shows the main pics of those people you specified to search for (gender, age and geographical location) to you and if you drag your finger on your smart phone screen (swipe) right, you’re saying that you find them attractive and if you swipe left you’re saying that you’re not attracted


      1. Well I did in terms of the dating app. even if she swiped right (approved) of me the app won’t tell me in touch with her and hence won’t put is in touch with each other


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