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Ironic Protesting in NY

I’m sure some of you know that in New York City there are people protesting the non-indictment of a white police officer who accidentally killed a black man while trying to arrest him. 

I’m not going to take a stand one way or another.  There are enough opinions out there.

At the moment there are protestors going through Manhattan through routes created by the police.

So basically,  the police are guiding protestors protesting about the police.

Yeah I don’t see how this can get out of hand.


6 thoughts on “Ironic Protesting in NY

      1. I do. The man said he could not breathe how many times? The choke hold is illegal and there was no need for it. They didn’t stop because they didn’t care if he could breathe. Choking kills. He died. Doesn’t really matter what our opinion is. The man is dead. Plain as day that it was wrong and intentional.


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