Putting Up With Bullshit- a View on Midlife Crisis

I think it’s really amazing how adaptable we are, how adaptable I am.  Situations happen, sometimes I change them, sometimes I don’t.

I suppose that’s what life is about, changing situations until they’re what I want,  or close enough such that I’ll stop working on changing them… or the big changes cease and the fine detailing starts, like a sculptor moving to a smaller chisel, a file and sandpaper to add the details that add richness.

The adapting to the situation is the gone chiseling and the sanding.

  I’m looking around life and seeing what situations I’ve adapted to, what bullshit I am putting up with, where I’ve stopped the big work and said “Ok, this is where the big work ends, now to start sanding.”

And how long have I sanded before I called it a sculpture?

Is it big or small? Ornate or plain?  Graceful or clunky?  Complete or incomplete?  Smooth or rough? Is it my idea or someone else’s?

Where am I satisfied?  That’s a good place to start.  What work can I do consistently to move that needle.

Judging by the average lifespan I think I’m halfway done. The Midlife Crisis is right on time.

Where have YOU stopped trying?


  1. I like to think of life as a canvas. It never stops. It’s never finished. We keep painting over the last story or chapter or scene. But it remains. There, under the surface. Life is a masterpiece built on the background of everything else.


  2. I totally get this. There’s always something, that driving force that keeps up changing things up until we reach perfection, I don’t think we actually reach perfection (maybe some do), but when does one say I’m ok with this or I’ve had enough. So far I’m on the keep going path, I’m not done, and not even close to where I want to be. I have a lot stuff on my plate that needs to be accomplish before I can take a deep breath. Great post btw!


  3. I like the way you think here. I celebrated 20 in Utah, 30 in Michigan, 40 in South Carolina, 50 in Pennsylvania. Like a shark, when you stop moving, you die a little.(or a lot, if you’re a shark). Change happens. Adaptation is everything. It is what keeps us moving forward. Enjoyed your post. ☺

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