That unmistakable smell of progress, dude

Walking to my gym this morning,  I smelled pot. I was going down a commercial avenue with stores,  apartments above the stores,  cars parked along the avenue.

Literally, it could have been coming from anywhere, but it didn’t stop me from giving the ol’ perusal of the environment to try if i can divine said location.

Not that I would have done anything anyway. This type of occurrence happens all of the time.  Daily.

America is undergoing a softening to Marijuana.  Some states have it available for medicinal purposes.  Some for casual use where is actually sold in stores.

But not in NY State. But I believe carrying a small amount is no longer a crime. It’s a start.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if someone smokes pot. But it was just shocking at that early time. Wake and bake indeed.


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