Considered Alternate Titles for “The Hobbit: War of the Five Armies”

Yes it’s coming out soon,  but here is the list of alternate titles that were also considered:

;The Hobbit: Just End This Already
-The Hobbit: You Mean They’re NOT Over Yet
-The Hobbit: The Rolling of the Eyes
-The Hobbit: Shoot Me Now
-The Hobbit: I Get It
-The Hobbit: Here’s Some More Crap That Wasn’t In The Book
-The Hobbit: Wasn’t There Only ONE BOOK THIS TIME?
-The Hobbit: The Mighty Yawn
The Hobbit: I Call Bullshit


    • I read the the LOTR books and the Hobbit. The LOTR books were amazing. But the Hobbit story is not that great fit the films so they wrote more material and it just goes on forever. Two films max


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