How can I NOT attend Santacon?

So some brilliant people came up with a concept of a pub crawl where everyone is to dress like Santa or some other Christmas character. It raises money, and it’s in over 125 cities WORLDWIDE!!  Look up to see if there’s one near you:

Now,  a friend of mine’s gf is also organizing one in New Jersey (non-associated) for this weekend. So:

-I like my friend
-I haven’t met his gf yet
-I like to try stuff
-I have an Amazon Prime membership
-I have (had) an Amazon gift card
-my friend said most who are going are women

Boom,  I’m in.  Costume purchased, will be here in time.

And the official Santacon will be in NYC on Saturday Dec 13.  I can’t let my Santa costume purchase go to waste.


I hear that can get… interesting…

How interesting?  Well let’s just say that this has to be said in the Santacon Code of Conduct:

“Santa respects the city: Santa doesn’t piss on the streets, start fights, block streets, climb on cars, or deface property.

I’ll post some pics : )”


  1. I went to Santacon one year a few years back and it was so much fun!! I was going to go this year but I heard all the controversy surrounding it so my friends and I decided to skip it. Boy, I wish I would have went cuz I came across so many hilarious videos and pics. Oh well!! There is always next year 😉

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