Wine Aficionados, the Acceptable Drunks

We all love getting a buzz on. Look at how big the alcohol industry is. People keep coming back, drinking more.

What… you like the taste? Ok drink non-alcoholic beer.

Thank you.

It’s ok, to like the buzz- the lowering on inhibitions, the ease of life that comes with it.

But drink regularly and BOOM: alcoholic.

But drink wine and you’re under the radar. With a little knowledge about the grapes & the varietals and you’re classy, my friend.

Have a room in your basement filled with wine bottles and you’re a connoisseur.

But have a room in your basement filled with Heineken or Jack Daniels… and you got issues.


  1. Yep, just like some (not the majority) of vegans are hiding eating disorders…..My husband collects wine as do his physician friends. I asked one obvious alcholic how much wine one would need to drink to be considered an alcoholic just for the heck of it, I’m a therapist, he told me, “wine can’t make you an alcoholic.” Denial sure can! 😉

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