Thankful… for Gratitude

In general,  if someone would ask me if I was grateful for x, I’d reply “yes” as an intellectual answer. But actually,  I’m probably not experiencing the gratitude.
To experience gratitude,  for me,  I need to take a moment,  think about x, and really get present to it’s greatness in my life.

And then gratitude becomes awesome.

I really became aware of the power of gratitude after seeing The Secret. That’s right,  you heard.  

Being in a mindset of gratitude is really a powerful place.  It fights frustration,  depression and anxiety… and puts me in an optimistic place where I can make a difference instead of being at the effect of something else.

There are many things I’m grateful for,  and I’m also grateful for Gratitude.  

Very “meta” on Thanksgiving.


  1. Well said. Thanks for posting! Being present is the best way to feel anything and I think the mindset of gratitude is just as you described. Being grateful for gratitude – what a lovely thought.

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