Thankful… for Gratitude

In general,  if someone would ask me if I was grateful for x, I’d reply “yes” as an intellectual answer. But actually,  I’m probably not experiencing the gratitude.
To experience gratitude,  for me,  I need to take a moment,  think about x, and really get present to it’s greatness in my life.

And then gratitude becomes awesome.

I really became aware of the power of gratitude after seeing The Secret. That’s right,  you heard.  

Being in a mindset of gratitude is really a powerful place.  It fights frustration,  depression and anxiety… and puts me in an optimistic place where I can make a difference instead of being at the effect of something else.

There are many things I’m grateful for,  and I’m also grateful for Gratitude.  

Very “meta” on Thanksgiving.



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